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Frequency enhanced herbal medicine

November 2023.

Frequency enhanced herbal products.

Creating a point of difference to herbal medicines can be introducing frequency or homeopathic enhancements to the tincture or cream specifically to suit particular clients needs.

The advantages of imprinting products with frequency are, there are no side effects. IE infections can be treated with a herbal tincture like Olive Leaf, or Oregano, and enhanced with a frequency of antibiotic or a homeopathic remedy which is specific for infection.

The human body always wants to heal, and everything cellular is frequency. Makes perfect sense that we combine natures herbs with quantum healing modalities to enhance the healing process.

I have a Genius Quantum biofeedback system and a printing plate, so can copy the frequency of any existing product/vitamin/food/and rife frequency into the Genius library, and introduce it to a tincture of choice via the printing plate. I have been testing and experimenting with this process on my animals and friends recently with some awesome results. Sure you can have the frequencies sent to you via scalar wave but that’s one treatment. By enhancing a suitable tincture or even just water with frequencies you have supporting frequencies for a month or longer while you resolve your health issues. It’s a very affordable way to assist your body to heal. Great for pets too, we can imprint water and you just add it to their food. I have done feral cat worming with this process and boy does it work. Pain medications too have no side effects compared to the physical pharma product.

What frequencies will your body need? Well we leave that up to the Genius to select. If you have sleep issues we analyse the sleep library options that are matched to your voice/picture information entered into the Genius scan, and the algorithms will select the most appropriate for you. We have heart, hormone, skeletal, digestive, brain and many many more libraries available to draw options from, plus of course the rife panels. Matching that with your favourite herbal tincture to match and you have a potent support system for healing.

There are also all the bach flowers, and essential oils in the libraries. Essential oils are powerful but not ideal to ingest but as frequencies super safe. Everything on planet earth has a unique frequency imprint so its easy to safely now take these amazing products.

Exciting times, med beds will be next, apparently there are thousands all ready to go all round the world just waiting for the reset and nesara/gesara to be announced. This will broach a new era in medicine. Big pharma will be phased out and hospitals will become wellness centres. Life going forward is looking fantastic, we need to keep our vibrations high and positive thoughts and energies flowing to speed up this process.

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