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Benefits of Tea Tree, Thyme and Oregano Balm: 


A great blend of 3 amazing herbs into a soothing and healing balm which is safe to apply in all circumstances.  Made with olive oil and beeswax.


A triple hit of antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.  Use for any skin wound, injury, irritation, rash, or skin inflammation.  Safe for children or pets as well, great to have in the first aid kit.


Fabulous for nappy rash, or add a dab  under a bandaid to speed up the healing of wounds.


Can be used internally or externally, safe enough to eat.  


Ideal for athletes foot, chapped hands or lips, any skin irritation that requires soothing and multi faceted approach for speeding up the healing process.


For pets any fungal or antibacterial skin infections this is a safe and ideal balm. 

 Made with cold pressed olive oil and beeswax there are no chemical irritants. 


Thyme, Oregano & Tea Tree Balm

SKU: 9
100 Grams
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