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Benefits of Plantain Skin Butter

Plantain is effective for wound healing and as a topical treatment for lung conditions, including bronchitis, asthma, coughs, mucous membrane irritations, upper respiratory infections.

Research has also shown that it is valuable used topically for a multitude of skin problems. 

Known as Snakeweed because of its abilities to draw poison from a wound. Plantain is so helpful when suffering from a bee sting, insect bite, stinging nettle sting or even a splinter.

Most Herbalists admire Plantain as an effective cellular regenerator, which makes it incredibly good at healing wounds. Plantain poultices, tinctures, creams and oils are essential for families and animals.  A jar of plantain skin butter is great to have in the first aid kit.

Plantain is not only fantastic for people problems, but is also a valuable Animal Remedy.  Apply salve onto cuts, wounds, rashes, stings and other skin conditions. The Plantain will draw out any contaminants before effectively healing the damaged tissue. It can be put directly on open wounds or bandaged over. 

Plantain skin butter contains beeswax so although it will do no harm to be ingested, it is for topical application.  We do make plantain infused olive oil be used internally (ideal for smoothies or children with diarrhoea) or plantain tincture.  Contact us to order.  We make this fresh. 

Try blending the Plantain with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil or Grapefruit seed extract for their added antifungal properties; this mix is excellent for treating the many fungal complaints suffered by horses and humans.  Athletes foot, fungal toe infections, rain-scald, or just dry skin all benefit from Plantain skin butter.  Use as often as required.           

No Known contraindications.


Plantain Skin Butter

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100 Grams


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