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By popular demand, our anti parasitic brew which combines herbs, frequencies and homeopathics to address the evergrowing modern issue of internal parasite infections is now available.  We also make specific blends for horses, dogs and cats.   

The base is Wormwood herbal tincture, and we infuse it with the scanned frequencies (via a remedy printing plate) of ivermectin, paratrex, fenbendazole, green black walnut, oil of oregano, pine needle oil, OhBeeHave, cumin seed oil, heavy metal detox, nicotine, chlorine di oxide, clove oil, garlic, apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay, pumpkin seeds, castor oil,  and the homeopathic remedies of cina, teucrium, kamala and nat phos. 

Parasite Purge Blend

SKU: 100
50 Milliliters
  • A detailed flier will accompany your product advising dose rates, and how often to use. 

     This is our only non refundable product due to the specialised frequency inclusions.  

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