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Benefits of Oregano


Oregano has anti oxidant properties.  Oregano contains thymol and rosmarinic acid that work on the body to minimize the destructive effects of free radicals. There is a lot of current medical interest in the ability of antioxidants to help repair damage to the body on a cellular level and combat cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, macular degeneration and help slow geriatric muscle deterioration.


Anti-Fungal Properties of Oregano


Historically used as a food preservative, oregano has some impressive credentials as an anti-fungal. Oregano has been used as both an internal and external preparation in treating fungal infections and has been tested successfully in inhibiting the growth of yeasts like Candida Albicans.

Antibiotic Properties of Oregano

A phenol in oregano, carvacrol is generating interest for its powerful ability to kill bacteria. Preliminary tests conducted at Georgetown University suggest that oregano's antibacterial muscle may rival that of streptomycin and penicillin.

Other Medicinal Uses of Oregano

Oregano can be used as a digestive aid because it encourages salivation. Topically it can soothe bee stings and treat venomous spider and snakebites. Oregano is also an efficient pain reliever.

Cautions when Using Oregano

Concentrated herbal tinctures are powerful medicine. Oregano has many medicinal applications that can help you get and stay well, but consult your doctor before making any changes or additions to the medications you are taking. Oregano can cause skin irritations in some people, and should be avoided if you are pregnant or nursing.


Oregano Tincture

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