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This blend contains the herbs Ginger, Fennel, Evening Primrose and Sage, plus we infuse homeopathic zincum and cuprum both known to help with cramping. 

Only needs to be taken as soon as symptoms of onset of menstruation appear and taken several times daily as needed during this period of discomfort.  A perfect gift for a teenager (or anyone) who suffers from this debilitating issue. 

Ginger is very calming and soothing on the digestion and is a natural pain reliever, Fennel is a natural anti inflammatory, Evening Primrose is very much a womans herb and helps with pain and mood, and Sage helps with circulation and blood flow and is also anti inflammatory.  

There are no contraindications with any of these herbs but please note that Evening Primrose can enhance your natural ability to get pregnant.  

Menstrual Misery Blend

30 Milliliters
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