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Liver Protect Blend is made up from Dandelion Root and plant, Calendula and Clivers herbs. 

Dandelion is a renown liver protector and helps regenerate liver cells and improve function.   Dandelion is also anti inflammatory and  the leaves have anti cancer properties so we include the whole plant in this product.

Calendula  is beneficial for stomach and duodenal ulcers, leaky gut and for its antimicrobial effect on the gut, liver and gallbladder. Calendula tincture can be used for viral infections of the liver and liver disorders. As an immune and lymphatic stimulant to aid the bodies fight against bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitical infections.  Calendula helps in the treatment of varicose veins, haemorrhoids, also artery and capillary haemorrhage due to the presence of bioflavonoids and carotenoids.

Clivers is an amazing lymph mover and is a cooling diuretic, meaning it moves water and lymph out of the body through the urinary tract. The cooling property of cleavers also helps to soothe inflammation that can come with swollen or stuck lymph in the body. Because the lymphatic system is so closely connected to the immune system, taking cleavers can also help move things along when experiencing sickness.

Liver Protect Blend

30 Milliliters
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