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A blend of Turmeric, Evening Primrose and Comfrey tinctures. 


Turmeric is an overall health tonic for protecting the liver, gallbladder and improving digestive functions, as it stimulates bile flow. 

Turmeric is a potent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that has been very beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. It is said to curtail inflammation of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and reduces swelling in recent bruises, wounds and insect bites. Also helpful for easing muscle pains and sports injuries, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, syndrome and bursitis.


Evening Primrose: This herb was used as a remedy for disorders such as chronic asthmatic coughs; it was used in the treatment of many kinds of gastrointestinal disorders and even in the topical treatment of bruises on the body. A large number of beneficial effects is said to accrue from the consumption of evening primrose tincture. These claims include the ability of the herbal remedy to induce weight loss in individuals without the need of a change in dietary habits, some say it has the ability of effecting a lowered blood cholesterol level, it is also believed to be able to lower the elevated blood pressure in patients. It has been seen as an effective cure for rheumatoid arthritis by some individuals,  and it is supposed to slow the progression of disease such as multiple sclerosis in affected patients.   It is also popular for insomnia and anxiety.

Should not be taken by people on treatments for schizophrenia


Comfrey excels in the treatment of fractures (even festering) bones, with growths on the bones, hands and feet, varicose veins, veins that are open, neck pain, amputation of limbs and even with the thinning of bone tissue.  Pain in the arms and legs after fractures and removal of gypsum, pain in the lower part of the spine and vertebrae damage, pain in the shoulders, elbows and knees, and problems due to osteoporosis, a variety of projections and other growths, numbness of the legs.  and rheumatic thickening of the muscle, gouts, arthritis, circulatory disorders .

Comfrey contains the hormone auxin which easily creates new tissue so the wounds can heal quickly and allantoin as a main active ingredient of the root and the granulation enhances tissue regeneration. Comfrey is irreplaceable in inflammation of tendons, arthritis (joint inflammation), distortion (dislocation, sprain), contusion (charge, contusion), hematoma (bruising), thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the veins) and other.

Tincture of comfrey perfectly demonstrates in the treatment of neuro inflammatory – wherever you feel a painful pressure on the body, it is reflected on the peripheral nerves.



Fibromyalgia Blend

  • Please check with your naturopath/dr for any herbal contraindications if you are taking pharmaceutical products.    There are few studies done in this field, so we suggest you do your own research and start a new herbal remedy slowly to ensure you are not allergic to the plant or have any undesirable reactions.  Most herbal remedies are safe, and any known contraindications will be on the product info sheet.  Feel free to contact us before purchasing if you have any concerns. 

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