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Benefits of Evening Primrose: 

Superb womans herb which can alleviate symptoms of many “female” issues.  

Boosts immune system with  GLA (omega 6 in a beneficial profile the body can assimilate)

Reduces hot flashes and night sweats of menopause

Improves mood, circulation and known to increase bone density

Reduces menstrual pain and is beneficial if you have asthma, eczema or ADD.

Also improves fertility increasing your chances of pregnancy.

 This herb was used as a remedy for disorders such as chronic asthmatic coughs; it was used in the treatment of many kinds of gastrointestinal disorders and even in the topical treatment of bruises on the body.

A large number of beneficial effects is said to accrue from the consumption of evening primrose tincture.  These claims include the ability of the herbal remedy to induce weight loss in individuals without the need of a change in dietary habits, some say it has the ability of effecting a lowered blood cholesterol level, it is also believed to be able to lower the elevated blood pressure in patients, it is also seen as an effective cure for rheumatoid arthritis by some individuals,  and it is supposed to slow the progression of disease such as multiple sclerosis in affected patients.

It is also popular for insomnia and anxiety.


Should not be taken by people on treatments for schizophrenia


Our tincture is made with only the flowers of the plant.    


Evening Primrose Tincture

30 Milliliters
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