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Comfrey excels in the treatment of fractures (even festering) bones, with growths on the bones, hands and feet, varicose veins, veins that are open, neck pain, amputation of limbs and even with the thinning of bone tissue, pain in the arms and legs after fractures and removal of gypsum, pain in the lower part of the spine and vertebrae damage, pain in the shoulders, elbows and knees, problems due to osteoporosis, a variety of projections and other growths, numbness of the legs of the soles of the feet to the hip, hemorrhoids, rheumatic thickening of the muscle, gouts, arthritis, circulatory disorders .

All types of injuries, bites, bruises, wounds, blood clotting, can be treated with the TINCTURE made from comfrey leaf and root.

Comfrey contains the hormone auxin which easily creates new tissue so the wounds can heal quickly and allantoin as a main active ingredient of the root and the granulation enhances tissue regeneration. Comfrey is irreplaceable in inflammation of tendons, arthritis (joint inflammation), distortion (dislocation, sprain), contusion (charge, contusion), hematoma (bruising), thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the veins) and other.

Comfrey tincture occupies a place of honor in cosmetics for the face and hands. One of the properties of this tincture is that renews and regenerates loose and wrinkled skin (especially wrinkles around the eyes).

After long use of the tincture on the skin of the face and hands, they get completely regenerated.

There is no better remedy than the comfrey tincture for external use against gout, which should be lightly rubbed in severe gout.

Tincture of comfrey perfectly demonstrates in the treatment of neuro inflammatory – wherever you feel a painful pressure on the body, it is reflected on the peripheral nerves.

Comfrey can be inhaled in steam, sprayed under the tongue, or sprayed directly on skin.  Taken orally it has great healing properties but overuse is not recommended long term.   It can be diluted in hot water and used as any eye bath, or made into a mouth wash.   Comfrey is an amazing healing plant for external and external parts of the body, both animal and human.  



Word of Caution: There is a high concentration of specific alkaloids in comfrey that makes them controversial and potentially toxic when used inappropriately. These alkaloids are particularly potent when consumed. 

As with any new herbal remedy, check with a trained herbalist or medical professional if you have concerns, as some of the complications of this high alkaloid content can affect the health of your liver  in long term usage.   There are no known issues for short term usage ie up to 1 month.


Comfrey Tincture

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