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Benefits of Comfrey Salve

For skin rashes — Comfrey salve can help in treating rashes. However, caution should be taken when it comes to deep wounds — comfrey can help heal the skin so quickly that the new tissue may cover the wound before deep healing inside occurs.

As a poultice — A poultice is a good alternative if you have an infection but don't want to apply comfrey salve directly. Spread the salve on a clean cotton cloth and apply over the wound, bandaging if possible.

For bone fractures — Apart from helping treat superficial wounds, comfrey salve and tinctures has also been used for fractured bones or torn ligaments in areas of the body where it is not possible to place a cast, such as a rib. It can be applied directly onto your skin or in a poultice, potentially promoting faster healing. It is also said to help reconstruct torn muscles that might have been injured.

Why comfrey for a salve?