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Benefits of Cilantro

Cilantro is a natural diuretic that aids in digestion and prevents nausea. It is a major source of limonene, which is a hormone that helps get rid of belly fat. It also stops the stomach from absorbing saturated fats, which can lead to that unwanted bulge around the midsection. It is claimed to be able to stop belly bloat within 24 hours

The extract of Cilantro has antioxidant properties that help control free radicals and it has long been known that it helps in cases of indigestion. Cilantro has bactericidal and fungicidal properties and may also have a chelating effect on leaching heavy metals from the system. The aromatic contained substance, coriandrol, is a very adjuvant in the treatment of liver cancer. Rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids it is effective in detoxifying the body. It has been proven to cross the blood-brain barrier and actually the removal of lead, mercury or other heavy metals, from the brain in as little as two weeks. Accumulation of these metals in the body can hamper brain function and cause memory loss, impaired cognitive function, and Alzheimer's disease.

Cilantro also contains an alcohol called borneol, which claims to be effective in killing germs and viruses that cause colds.

Cilantro is a rich source of vitamin A, an important vitamin for eye health. It is used to reduce eye infections like conjunctivitis, thanks to vitamin A's corneal protections this is also helpful for eye aging, macular degeneration and other stressors on the eyes, such as night vision.

Healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body. Digestion and assimilation of healthy herbs like Cilantro can help the skin to look beautiful and glowing. Research shows that the extract of Cilantro helps in fighting skin cancer and regular intake can reduce it by about 30%. This is due to the presence of antioxidants like chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. These two acids presented in Cilantro help to trap free radicals that are produced as a result of overexposure to the sun.


Also  known as Coriander, it acts  on the digestive system and the captivating aroma may have been responsible for humans around the world intuitively incorporating it into their diets for health reasons that modern science is only beginning to understand. It has been used as an herbal digestive aid to improve the appetite, relieve flatulence, upset stomach and indigestion, soothe the stomach of both adults and colicky babies and generally reduce irritation in the gastrointestinal tract, including heartburn, nausea, dyspepsia, and intestinal gas as it kills bacteria.   This herbal remedy is protective against bacterial infections such as salmonella in food products.

Cilantro acts to increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and reduces LDL cholesterol to help maintain heart health. It has been used to ward off urinary tract infections as it disinfects and helps to detoxify the body. Cilantro may help with insulin secretion and assist in lowering blood sugar levels. Cilantro Leaf also appears to be an effective anti-inflammatory that safely eases the pain and swelling of arthritis, rheumatism, and sore muscles.

The extract of Cilantro helps to ease conjunctivitis, as well as eye-aging, macular degeneration and other stressors of the eyes. It contains immune boosting properties and strong general antioxidants to help fight disease. Cilantro acts as a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal agent for the skin and disorders such as fungal infections dermatitis and eczema. It has shown to reduce painful menstrual cramps and ease hormonal mood swings associated with menstruation and PMS. 


Cilantro Tincture

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