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Benefits of Calendula Balm:


 Calendula flowers have long been used by many ancient cultures for their healing powers and natural abilities to soothe dry and irritated skin.


Calendula is purported to help quickly soothe and heal minor scrapes, cuts, and abrasions;  

Calendula has also been used to help heal inflammation, acne, rosacea, bruises, chapped or dry skin, burns, athlete's foot, bee stings, diaper rashes, and even yeast infections.


It even helps minimize and reduce scarring and stretch marks because it stimulates the production of collagen at the site of wounds!

That is one pretty awesome healing herb!


Another use for calendula salve is in treating ear aches. Place a small dollop of salve in your ear and hold a heated rice bag or hot water bottle over it. (Not for ruptured ear drums and if symptoms get worse, check with your doctor.)

For ear mites in pets, place a small dollop of salve in their ear. Gently massage the area to work it in a bit, if they’ll let you. 


Can be applied to pets and horses for bug bites, itches, dry flakey skin, irritation, girth and harness rub,  and any wound.  Safe, non chemical, with super healing powers.    Great for hoof and leg abrasions on horses.


Made with organically grown calendula flowers, olive oil and beeswax.


Calendula Healing Balm

SKU: 20
100 Grams
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