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Pain Management with Micro-current

Do you suffer from any form of chronic pain?

Holistic Health Support for People and Animals


Magnetic Pulsing Therapy

Relaxing healing therapy ideal for children, the aged or anyone to aid in cellular repair

Pets and Animals

Do you want more natural and effective health support for your pets and companion animals?

Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies

Is mainstream medicine failing you?  Check out our herbal options for many health issues.

Therapy Sessions
How Can We Help..
About Wellness Hanmer

Do you suffer from chronic pain, a sports or work injury, nerve or sciatic pain, RSI, back pain, heavy leg syndrome, aching feet, poor circulation, slow healing of wounds or broken bones, then you should keep reading...

Is Mainstream Medicine Not Helping You?

We are not Drs or Vets, but well educated and experienced holistic practitioners who have become disillusioned with the drug based masking of disease symptoms encouraged by modern medical practitioners. 

Wellness is the antithesis of illness or disease .  It is helping the body recognise what is correct function by removing triggers and toxins, not driving illness deeper only to resurface as a more serious issue in the future.  

We believe healthy food, herbal and homeopathic support medicines, a mind/body/spirit approach to shift negative energies and stress from the body are where the reversal of disease starts and Wellness begins.  We have other Wellness tools to aid the restoration of tissue and cells to heathy homeostasis.  These are the acuscope and myopulse, advanced biofeedback microcurrent electrotherapy units.  The Magnafield, magnetic pulsing therapy.  Ultra violet and red light laser healing therapy.  Relaxation and stress management techniques.  

2018 Wellness Hanmer was created to cater for a growing demand to support people and animals in a more natural way toward wellness.  Mainstream medicine is failing far too many, and finding safe and effective alternative support and education is sometimes difficult.  We hope to be able to offer advice, alternative remedies, and access to professionals who can make a difference to your health and wellness.

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