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Micro-current treatments for accelerated healing and pain management

Our magic bullet is a medical unit from the USA called the Electro-Acuscope.  It delivers electrical impulses at the same frequencies as the cells in your body, and with its bio-feedback capacity can read, adjust and recharge cells not performing optimally so your cell function is restored and healing can progress quickly. 

These units have been utilised by Drs and sports therapy specialists for many years in the USA and Europe.  Sports teams, dance schools, rodeo riders, and professional athletes are all testament to the efficiency of this unit in restoring healthy movement and reducing pain, which speeds up recovery from sporting events and injury.

Cancer clinics also utilise the units treating patients recovering from illness, and with the growing interest in drug free chronic pain management the Electro-Acuscope and its companion unit the Myopulse, which deals specifically with muscle injury, are very sought after treatments.

Only in more recent years have non medical therapists and holistic treatment providers been able to access these units, previously they were only sold as medical units to Drs and Hospitals.

The sessions with these units are relaxing and non painful, ideal for children or adults with no side effects or discomfort.  A series of treatments are recommended particularly for a chronic problem, however generally immediate relief will be obtained right from the first session, and the benefits are cumulative.

As the body is 90% water and all cells have an electrical charge, being electrically depleted is a precurser to disease and lack of wellness.  Electricity is health.  Healthy cells have an electrical charge, and this allows correct cellular repair.  If you suffer from pain, or injury, or are recovering from surgery we highly recommend the benefits of micro-current.  See our links on the articles page for more detailed information on the benefits of micro-current.

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